How do I know if my child is ready to take lessons?

Are they passionate about horses? Do they take directions well? Can they focus on one activity for an hour?

If they really want to be around horses generally 5 or 6 years old is a great time to start lessons. If they are a little unsure (or can?t quite focus for an hour) maybe wait another year to get started.

Are riding lessons only for children?

Absolutely not! We have lots of middle aged and retired students that are in our lesson program. Anyone who is willing and eager to learn about horses is welcome.

Will I be riding for the hour?

No, our lesson time includes getting the horse ready to ride beforehand, as well as un-tacking afterwards. We feel this is really important to get comfortable around the horses, and ultimately we are trying to teach you to be able to take care of your own horse. The riding time should be at least 30 minutes, but once you are more familiar with the tacking up it will be closer to 40 minutes.

Do I need my own horse for lessons?

No. We are one of the few facilities that have lessons horses available (many places you need to lease your horse by the month for lessons). If you have a horse that you would like to ride during lessons that is okay too!

Can more than one person ride during a lesson?

Yes. If you have a friend that is the same riding ability as you we can host a ?semi-private lesson? (2 riders) or a ‘group lesson’ (3-4 riders). The cost per hour is slightly cheaper, and you get to enjoy your friends company as well

How much do your lessons cost?

Our lessons are $45 for a private lesson, $40 for a semi-private (2 riders) or $35 for a group lesson (3-4 riders). Lessons should be booked on a monthly basis (4 weeks in advance).

When can I book lessons?

Week-day lesson times are always available (by request). Please contact Jessica directly to schedule these.

Tuesdays and Fridays are available for private, semi-private or group lessons.

Limited weekend times are available for GROUP lessons only (3-4 riders).

Lessons are scheduled online through our website (please see link below). If you would like to ride on a weekend but do not have a group to ride with, please contact Jessica and she will put you in a suitable group.



How Do I Book a Lesson?

NEW students, please contact Jessica at 587-439-7793 to set-up your first lesson. There is a lot of information to cover the first day, so we expect that this will run longer than the hour. We will also need time to fill our waiver forms, and go over the rules of the property.

Existing students, please click here to schedule your lessons